Thursday, June 16, 2016

Interesting OER Article in the Washington Post.

Interesting and encouraging that the nation's community colleges are really taking OERs to heart.  Good article here:  College courses without textbooks? These schools are giving it a shot.  By Danielle Douglas-Gabriel

Thursday, June 2, 2016

University of North Carolina Press OER Initiative

The effort by the University of North Carolina Press to provide formal support throughout the UNC system for open educational resources (OER) development described in this Chronicle article is really promising.  It's wonderful to see institutional support for these kinds of efforts.

I followed up with John McLeod, Director of the Office of Scholarly Publishing Services at UNC Press about whether there were any math related efforts within the office right now.  While there aren't any current projects, they have applied for NSF funding to support OER development in service level mathematics classes within the UNC system.  They are also in conversation with the NC School of Science and Math, a high school that is part of the UNC system, about OER for mathematics at the secondary level.