Thursday, March 19, 2015

Curriki clearinghouse for open educational resources (OER)

Sorry about letting this blog flounder for a while.  I've been busy working on building a new computer science program here at Whitman.  We've made great progress over the past year and I'm finally to the point where I can resurrect the blog.  I have a couple of postings in the pipeline, but if you have news, please send it along.

Nicole Allen pointed me to this article:

New Collection of Open Educational Resources in Calculus Now Available

It mentions the Curriki site which is a clearinghouse for OER.  The mathematics section is here:

Given this list of sponsors:

they appear to have some pretty solid backers.  Guichard's Calculus is listed on the site:

Beezer's Linear Algebra is not.  If your work is not there, it may be worth investigating how to get it placed on the site.