Thursday, May 29, 2014

An Informal Directory of Open-Source Text Developers, Reviewers, Promoters etc.

As a first step towards the creation of a more formal directory of open-source text developers, reviewers, promoters etc, I'm asking everyone to attach a brief comment to this post of the form:


The value of this informal directory is to see who's doing what and how others might contribute.  Links to existing projects would be great.   Don't put explicit contact information (since there are bots out there that scrape blogs for that kind of information).  If someone wants to contact you, I suspect it won't be too difficult to find you via other means.

If this turns out to be successful in getting a lot of information, I'll see about creating a more formal directory (perhaps a wiki) of members of the open-source text community and their activites.


  1. NAME: Albert Schueller
    AFFILIATION: Whitman College

    maintainer of this blog,

    contributor to Guichard's Calculus text (,

    created a short series of videos on learning the Processing programming language (,

    this summer planning to convert Trench's Real Analysis text to Beezer's Mathbook XML format in hopes of developing the text further in an on-line format.

  2. NAME: Rob Beezer

    AFFILIATION: University of Puget Sound



    A First Course in Linear Algebra. (
    A Second Course in Linear Algebra, in progress. (
    Explorations in Algebraic Graph Theory with Sage (co-editor w/ Chris Godsil), beta version. (
    Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications, by Tom Judson. Production and Sage supplements. (
    Block Designs, AIMS Library Series, Cambridge University Press, eventually open access.


    MathBook XML document authoring. (
    HTML, CSS, Collaborative Authoring Tool, for open textbooks (w/ David Farmer and Steve Blood).


    Sage Developer, emphasizing linear algebra, combinatorics, and group theory, especially for undergraduate use.

    Calculus with Sage, co-author on project led by Sang-Gu Lee. (

  3. NAME: David Lippman
    AFFILIATION: Pierce College Ft Steilacoom and Lumen Learning
    Lead developer of the IMathAS open source online homework system, running as Provides free and open online homework in support of open textbooks from arithmetic to calculus.

    Primary author of Math in Society, an open textbook for math for liberal arts courses.
    Coauthor of Precalculus: An Investigation of Functions, an open textbook for precalculus and trig with a contextual motivation focus.
    Remixer of Arithmetic for College Students, an open textbook for an arithmetic pre-college course.
    Contributing author for Applied Calculus, an open textbook for brief/business calculus.

    I've created open courseware in MyOpenMath for the books above, as well as several others.
    I've created a number of open videos on calculus and math for liberal arts topics.
    I've created various open source online tools and calculators.
    I'm currently working with Lumen Learning, helping provide support to colleges looking to adopt OER.
    Links to most of my stuff are on my website (

  4. Name: Greg Hartman
    Affiliation: Virginia Military Institute
    Open - Source Activities:

    Author of APEX Calculus and Fundamentals of Linear Algebra, both found at

  5. NAME: Carl Stitz
    AFFILIATION: Lakeland Community College, Kirtland, OH
    OPEN-SOURCE ACTIVITIES: Co-author of Precalculus with Jeffrey Zeager (Lorain County Community College, Elyria, OH)

    I currently host and "maintain" our website:


    which has links to all our materials as well as a forum. Currently, I am working with Jeff Zeager on the "Episode IV" (the final?) edition of our Precalculus textbook. I am humbled by everyone's efforts!

  6. NAME: Ted Sundstrom

    AFFILIATION: Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI

    OPEN SOURCE ACTIVITIES: Author of Mathematical Reasoning: Writing and Proof, which is a textbook for the introduction to proofs course. The website for this book is

  7. NAME: Ken Levasseur
    AFFILIATION: UMass Lowell
    Co-author, Applied Discrete Structures, an open-source text in discrete mathematics available at

    User of open source texts including Judson's Abstract Algebra and Stein's Elementary Number Theory: Primes, Congruences, and Secrets.

  8. NAME: Joe Fields
    AFFILIATION: Southern Connecticut State University
    OPEN-SOURCE ACTIVITIES: Author of "A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Mathematics" a textbook for an intro. to proofs course. Maintainer of the Open-Math-Book GitHub site.

  9. NAME: Michael Corral
    AFFILIATION: Schoolcraft College (Livonia, MI)
    Author of "Vector Calculus" and "Trigonometry", open-source textbooks released under the GNU Free Documentation License.

  10. NAME: David Guichard
    AFFILIATION: Whitman College

    Principal author of a three-semester calculus book and a short introduction to combinatorics and graph theory. Contributing author of an introduction to proof text.

    Extended David Farmer's script to convert the plain TeX source for the books to htm.

  11. NAME: Eugene (Bud) Boman
    AFFILIATION: Penn State, Harrisburg campus
    Co-authored (with Robert Rogers of SUNY, Fredonia) "How We Got From There to Here: A Story of Real Analysis" an open, introductory textbook on real analysis, available at the SUNY Open Textbooks project.

  12. NAME: Oscar Levin
    AFFILIATION: University of Northern Colorado

    I'm working on an open textbook for Discrete Mathematics (directed especially towards pre-service teachers).

  13. NAME: Kent Morrison

    AFFILIATION: American Institute of Mathematics

    OPEN-SOURCE ACTIVITIES: Director of the AIM Open Textbook Initiative to promote the use, development, and improvement of open source and open access texts for undergraduate math courses.

  14. NAME: Chris Thron

    AFFILIATION: Texas A&M University - Central Texas

    OPEN-SOURCE ACTIVITIES: Principal developer of "Algebraic Structures and Applications" (ASAA), a VERY pedestrian abstract algebra textbook designed for certifying teachers which focuses on developing facility with higher algebraic reasoning through in-depth exploration of specific examples (complex numbers, Z_n, symmetries, permutations) that are relevant to the secondary curriculum, as well as practical examples (complex phasors, cryptography, coding theory). The book is based in part on Tom Judson's book (with permission!), but focuses much more on specific examples.

    I have also made a set of YouTube videos to accompany Jim Hefferon's Linear Algebra book. This semester, I am making another set of videos to accompany Rob Beezer's Linear Algebra book, as well as our ASAA book. All videos are on playlists available at:

    I have also developed several spreadsheet applications to accompany Autar Kaw's open-source Numerical Analysis text which is located at Videos in English and French are available at the YouTube site above. Written materials are available via email (

    I have also developed several mathematical models that are implemented using Excel. Videos are available at the same YouTube site, and materials are available via email.